The Filbert-Pinnecker Family

This website is designed as a communication piece for use by members of the Filbert-Pinnecker family, rooted in Russia's Volga Region. It's purposes include:

Family membership includes all decedents of August Filbert II and Elisabeth (Pinnecker) Filbert. August II and Elisabeth emigrated from Russia to the USA, via Mexico, in 1899, arriving in the USA in early 1900. They eventually made their home in Ness County, Kansas.

Family history is fairly well documented from the parents of August II and Elisabeth through stories and photos. The two families share a history common to "Volga Germans" who emigrated from Germany and other western European nations to the Russia Volga region under the reign of Catherine The Great (generally in the mid to late 1760s). Our Filbert ancestors can be traced back to Germany, France  and Denmark). All the families that our Filbert ancestors in Russia married into appeared to have German surnames. In fact, we are direct descendants of more than just the Filberts and Pinneckers. In Russia alone our ancestors carried the surnames of: Kober, Backer, Schadt, Engel, Gerhardt, Moor, Legler, & Ernst as well as Filbert and Pinnecker. We are as closely related to these others as we are the first Filbert and Pinnecker settlers on the Volga!

Volga German history presented in this website was pulled from a number of sources including the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) website and several books purchased through that website. Additional information was contributed by family members from ancestral notes.

A researcher in Saratow, Russia (Dr. Igor Pleve) has traced our family history from the arrival of our ancestors (from western Europe) to Russia, through to the time they departed to the USA. Summaries of the Filbert and Pinnecker family lines during their years in Russia can be found on the pages dealing with the Filbert line and Pinnecker line, respectively.  For example, the earliest found Pinnecker was Heinrich, born around 1600 in Dudenrod (by Büdingen), Hesse, Germany. The Russian Pinneckers began when Georg Pinnecker, born 1720, lived in Isenburg, Germany, left Büdingen for the Volga. He was of the Reformed faith and worked as a Blacksmith before arriving in the Moor Colony near the Volga on 18 June 1767. We are descendents of he and his second wife, Maria Elisabeth Backer, born 1741 - presumably in Germany. As for the Filberts, five Filbert brothers were among the initial Schilling Colony male settlers. Their father, Johann Peter Filbert and mother, Anna Maria Stock were born in Gronau, Germany (in the Hessian Principality, near Frankfurt am Mein) on 27 September 1708 and 8 November 1716, respectively. They left the Hesse for what is now the French province of Lorraine. They subsequently moved to Denmark in 1759. Johann Peter is recorded as having died at Frederikshede, Denmark on 23 May 1761. He is buried at Torning Chr, Torning, Viborg, Denmark. Reports have Anna Maria leaving Denmark before her death, with some children remaining in Denmark, including 2 sons that took over the farm(s). Five of her sons left Denmark and arrived Russia in 1763 or 1764 and are recorded as among the original settlers of Alt-Schilling on the Volga River south of Saratov. It is probable that the brothers were accompanied by their mother, Anna Maria (Stock) Filbert. We look to her son, Johann Philipp Filbert, born 1752 or 1753, as a direct ancestor.

It seems we have lots of Filberts in Denmark. During a brief search, I found a Peter Filbert recorded as born in Gronau, Bergstraβe, Gronau, Hessen, Tyskland in 1738. His parents are the ones we claim as our own direct ancestors. Tyskland was a term used in the 1700s, at least in Denmark, for Germany. The found website had the two parents, parents of the five brothers that moved to Russia, living in or near Fredericks, Lysgaard, Viborg, Denmark, a short distance from the old village of Thoring. It also shows the brothers had siblings that remained in Denmark. I have communicated with one Danish Filbert who identified her Filbert's original home as in the Gronau area of Germany (probably our Gronau Bensheim, located about 45 km south of Frankfurt am Mein). Johann Peter's father's name was given as Nicholas and his mother's as Agnes Hess. We have found websites giving Nicholas's ancestry back four more generations to a Closs Filbert or "Vilbert", born in Neustadt near the River Main in 1530. Our Filberts living in Germany all were craftspeople or artisans (bakers, tilers, blacksmiths and vynkyper or wine maker). 

John Wall, a great-grandson of Grandmother Elisabeth (Pinnecker) Filbert’s sister Anna Maria (Pinnecker) Gieswein, did the research on the Pinnecker’s German roots. Judy Curtis, a distant Filbert cousin of ours, also contributed. We have also benefited from research gathered by Gary Martens of the American Historical Society for Germans from Russia (AHSGR) who also contributed, including the knowledge of the Filberts prior to the earliest Russian census.

At least one cousin descendent from each of August II and Elisabeth’s children (surviving to adulthood), except John, contributed stories and pictures, as did my own brother Bob and sister Sue. Most of these contributions are in the chapters named after August II and Elisabeth’s children, with contributors identified therein.

The family roster attempts to track family members by generation as well as linage and contact information. For generation tracking, we are counting the parents of August II and Elisabeth as 1stGeneration, making August II and Elisabeth second generation. Their children, now all deceased, were the 3rd generation and the grandchildren of August II and Elisabeth are the 4th generation.

For more information on the family, visit the August II and Elisabeth page and links that follow from that page. It will take you both back in time to Germany and the Steppes of Russia and forward in time to our recent past.

This site is maintained by John W. Filbert, a 4th generation member of the Filbert-Pinnecker family. Suggested corrections, updates and additions should be e-mailed to or communicated by conventional mail addressed to John Filbert, 2251 SW 45th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97333.

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Note: We are  still rebuilding this website to include current information using new tools and a new website host (HostSite). Please bear with me as I work through this process. I have included information on family history not previously known to me or most of you.

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