Clifford's Recollections



Being an Octogenarian (80 years old) gives me the right to remember the past through rose colored glasses. This is particularly true of my memories of Grandpa Filbert. Indeed, he was a role model in character and faith. Perhaps, we differed in theology, but we never doubted his personal faith and courage.

Let me list seven fond memories:

  1. The daily morning devotion with songs, Bible reading, and prayer in the German language. Everyone there participated.

  2. The important place the German Methodist Church of Bazine, Kansas played in his life. He loved and supported his church and pastor. He would sit on the west side of the sanctuary with the other men of the church every Lord's day.

  3. His basic Christian character traits:
    • Honesty
    • Truthfulness
    • Loyalty
    • Love
    • Understanding
    • A great work ethic with frugality

  4. His Christ like love that was expressed to his family and friends. He always had time to discuss a question or problem. Without question, he was a gifted counselor.

  5. His seeking first the "Kingdom of Heaven". He was aware of the "little foxes" that spoil the vines in our lives. His story (and a classic) of being addicted to eating chocolate cookies, He couldn't wait to get to town to buy and eat them. He realized that nothing should have this kind of grip on his life so he prayed and gave them up.

  6. His close relations to God. His faith and life were always open and refreshing. This was a part of his life and death. At the end of his life he wrote a letter to the family to the effect that he would not recover from his surgery. This letter was read after his decease.

  7. His desire that his family would follow in his steps of faith. That they would be true Christians with life and lip. Without question, I know that Grosspapa is beckoning his family to a meaningful life and, also, a life beyond. He left us a legacy that will always impact the Filbert family.

December 2003

Clifford went home to Heaven last year (2012). He was born in January, 1924 and was granted over 88 years on this earth. He chose to live those years in God's service ministering to the people in just about every state in the USA and in many foreign countries. His was a life well lived!