A table (accessed by clicking on the "Family Roster" link below) has been developed to display current contact information for each family member. Clicking or double-clicking on the link brings up the roster in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have the required Adobe Reader, you can download it for free by clicking or double-clicking on this Adobe Reader Download Link

Please note that some of the contact information placed at the bottom of the roster is highlighted in red. This highlight indicates he data is erroneous and needs updating. If you have knowledge of better contact information for the individuals in question, please e-mail the corrections to John Filbert at j0hnc316aa@filbertfamily.net and he will advise others as appropriate.

The original table is in Excel Format and can be e-mailed to anyone requesting a "current copy" from John Filbert at j0hnc316aa@filbertfamily.net. The table will be updated as each viewer notes need for revision and e-mails the appropriate update(s) to j0hnc316aa@filbertfamily.net.

You can scroll up, down and sideways using the scroll bars. Once you complete reviewing the table, you can back out of the page by using your browser's "back arrow". Good luck in navigating the spreadsheet and remember to send any needed updates to John Filbert.

Filbert Family Roster - 2 August 2013 Update