Past Reunions

Family reunions began as a tradition among the children of August II and Elizabeth (the 3rd generation).

Filbert-Pinnecker family reunions are now held semiannually, generally targeting the last weekend of July or first weekend of August in odd-numbered years (e.g., 2013, 2015, 2017). Photos from some of the past reunions can be seen below.

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The photos to the right and below were taken at a reunion in 1968.I don't recall the location as I was not in attendance.


Three of the four Kleweno sisters (Pauline Filbert Kleweno's daughters) and Rod Slack. The sisters from left to right are Kathy, Wilma and Marlene.


What passed for entertainment at the reunion in 1997...sort of a way to save money, I guess, by doing it yourself!


The 1998 reunion was held in Prescott, Arizona. It was organized by Carl Kuehn (son of Bertha Filbert Kuehn).Pictures include those to the right and below.

The 2003 reunion in Colorado Springs, Colorado was also well attended...most of those attending being in the photo on the right.


The 2005 reunion was held in Dodge City, with many of the participants then traveling to Bazine where the photo on the left was taken. The lady to the far right is, of course, Geneva Filbert Betsill, daughter of Jacob Filbert. Her son, Randy, is the gentleman in the cowboy hat.


The 2001 reunion in Manitou Springs, Colorado was attended by over 100 family members. Most of those are in the photo below.


Although we took no single group picture at the 2005 reunion, the collage on the right gives you several candid shots of the festivities. There were over 80 people in attendance


In 2009 we took pictures of individual family sub-groups. Above you see Martha's descendants...the Foos group. Below is the Hartman group...Anna's descendants

Food and more food - 2009 above and 2011 below

We are not all ancient!


More 2011 shots

We laugh and smile a lot!


The 3013 reunion is behind us now. Held in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, with housing at Idaho Springs, it was attended by 47 family members. Second generation families represented included: Anna, Carl, John, August (Gus), Martha and Dorothy. 

The host hotel, set tightly up against Clear Creek, was very nice. We had use of the old Methodist Church building in Idaho Springs for our casual gatherings. We also availed ourselves of the the outside gathering space between our hotel and Clear Creek...watching white-water rafters pass by. Selected photo shots follow.

Six First Cousins of the 3rd Generation Attended


Enjoying a Fire on a Cool Evening


Cartmill Siblings, below

August's (Gus's) Group, above

Carl's Group, below

Hartman's in Attendance, below

The Howard Cartmill Group, above


Below, Ron & Jeanne Filbert

represent John's Group

Pat (Foos) & Don make

complete the Foos Group,


Merle, Janis & Jeff Foos, below

And, last but not least, on the right are Dorothy's daughters and Diana's husband, Larry Schwartz


          The 2013 Reunion at Idaho Springs, Colorado